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12/14 2010

Press Conference (Tissot & Marcin Gortat)

September 18th 2009, at a press conference Marcin Gortat has officially become the ambassador of the brand Tissot. Here is a video from this event.

(Warsaw, September 18th 2009) Today at the PAP Center, Marcin Gortat also known as the “Polish Hammer”, number one in Polish Basketball, signed a contract with Tissot- the leading Swiss manufacturer of watches. Marcin will represent the brand as its international ambassador. Gortat is the only Pole playing currently in the NBA (National Basketball Association). He proudly wears his jersey with number #13 in the Polish National Team. The most recognizable of all Polish sportsmen, measuring 213 centimeters, joined the prestigious group of Tissot ambassadors, amongst which there are such sportsmen as: Michael Owen, Nicky Hayden or Diana Patric. He will surely add some glamour to the brand and its products.

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