About Marcin


_DSC0722Name: Marcin Gortat
Date of Birth: 17.02.1984
Place of birth: Łódź
Height: 6-11
Position: Center, Power Forward
Career: LKS Łódź (2002-2003), RheinEnergie Kolonia (Bundesliga- 2003-07), Orlando Magic (NBA- 2007-2010), Phoenix Suns (NBA- 2010-???)

Biggest achievements:

German Cup- 2004, 2005, 2007
German Championship (2005/2006)
The third Pole to play in the NBA
The first Pole to play in the NBA play-offs
The first Pole to have a double – double in the NBA
The first Pole to start the game in the starting lineup
The first Pole to play in the NBA Finals
NBA vice-champion (2008/2009)

Marcin Gortat’s calendar:

1984- Marcin was born in Łódź
1994- Marcin started practicing soccer in ŁKS
2002- Marcin showed up at the first basketball training in ŁKS
2003- left Poland to play for the German team Rhein-Energie Kolonia
2005- got drafted to the NBA
2007- NBA debut as a player for Orlando Magic
2008- As the first Pole got to play in the Playoffs of the most famous league in the world- NBA
2009- got to play in the NBA finals
2009- as the leader of the Polish National Team he played in European Championships, which were held in Poland. Three games of this tournament, and two pre games were played in his hometown, Łódź, in the new Atlas Arena.
2010- got traded to the Phoenix Suns

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