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11/18 2010

Mike Wilks- basketball player


(has played in 8 NBA teams, he also attended practices with Orlando Magic)

“I think that Marcin is capable of being the starting center of an NBA team, if he leaves Orlando. He has the right potential. Gortat proved his value, in the previous season, even though he was in the shadow of Dwight Howard, he shoved that he was a significant player, and managed to attract the interest of other NBA clubs.

I think that he can be of great help for Orlando any time, which he showed during the playoffs. Whenever Dwight was having foul trouble, or for whatever other reason he wasn’t able to play, Marcin would always give great substitutions. I had a chance to practice with Marcin and I saw how serious he treats his job. This impressed me most. He always practices hard and plays tough. I believe, that if you combine his talent with hard work, he is definitely capable of being the starting center in an NBA team.

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