MG13 partnership has been established so as to allow everyone to use Marcin Gortat’s image and popularity. Everyone knows that it is profitable to advertise by means of sport. However if you have any doubts whether Marcin Gortat is the right person for your campaign, we present some arguments ‘for’:

  • The only Pole in the NBA – the most media attr. League in the world
  • Is amongst the leaders on the list of Polish most profitable sportsmen in terms of marketing
  • Top player in the Polish National Basketball Team
  • 65% of Poles point to Marcin as one of the three biggest stars in Polish sport
  • Marcin Gortat Camp 2009 has generated 2 million zł of media value *)
  • Marcin Gortat Camp 2010 has generated 3 million zł of media value **)

*) From Pentagon Reaserch (August 2009)

**) From Pentagon Reaserch (August 2010)

Everyone interested in using Marcin Gortats’ image in order to promote their brand, please contact:

Jakub Kopeć
Tel.: +48 602583153

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