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12/1 2010

Marcin Gortat: to beat the new records!

_MG_5116After the great performance against the New Orleans Hornets, Marcin now has 973 points, over 1000 rebounds and 189 blocks on his NBA account. Last Friday Marcin finally managed to break his old record of 16 points in one game. Now he has set new challenges for himself! What challenges?

- First of all I’m happy that I’m in good shape, and I managed to surpass the barrier of 16 points in one game against Boston, and two days later I set a new record – 25 points against the New Orleans Hornets. Now it’s time to set new challenges. I already had three games in a row in which I had a double double, but the series was broken by a poor performance against Philadelphia. I would like to keep having double double for 4 or 5 games in a row. I also plan to beat my other records, particularly my record of 5 blocks in one game, which I established a long time ago (13.12.08 against Utah Jazz) – says Marcin Gortat, who has played over 3000 minutes in the NBA so far.

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